Punch Punch


Punch Punch is a cigar that has been on the market for a very long time, one of the oldest loyalists from Cuba. Having survived the fast-growing cigar industry is of course a message of strength and gossip about this cigar is a great attraction. Punch offers a plethora of flavors and also with a complexity that can make even the best expert sweaty. The complexity is not least noticeable when you read reviews on this cigar, everyone basically has their unique view of what flavors appear and when.

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The cigar has a creamy brown cover with small veins, small seams and a very nice triple hood. The construction feels quite loose and spongy but not so much that it would disturb or create concern for a too loose pull. On the contrary, it is drawn on the slower part of the medium scale. Overall, the construction is even, although it can sometimes be a little harder on the head and foot.


Corona Gorda








30-45 Mins