Punch Churchills


One of the largest punch cigars. 17.8cm long and made in a ring gauge of 47, the Churchills makes a robust and powerful impression. Medium-strong and strong in aroma, this cigar will give you smoking pleasure in about an hour.


Lovers of strong and strong cigars may not enjoy the Churchills Punch as much, because it is light and ideal for the afternoon with a coffee or something similar. Even if the Punch Churchills is a rather light to medium-strength cigar, it can convince and inspire with wonderful aromas of earth and spice. It does not always take enormous complexity, strength and heaviness to make enjoyment high quality and balanced. The cigar can offer connoisseurs and connoisseurs more than an hour of smoking pleasure. During this time, the aromas develop optimally and the light to medium-heavy taste can also convince beginners.

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