Punch Royal Seleccion No.12


The name of the Royal Selection No.12 cigars already suggests that they have a truly royal character. They taste neither too intrusive nor too unobtrusive and are particularly captivating with their flowery and slightly earthy notes. Like all punch cigars, they are of medium strength and have a very harmonious and beguiling aroma. Unlike the cigars in the No. 11, these cigars are rather small, but they are decorated with the manufacturer’s belly band.


If you choose cigars from the Punch Royal Selection No. 12, you will be able to enjoy extremely fine cigars in a handy format. Their length is 129 mm, their diameter 16.67 mm. Their ring gauge corresponds to that of many cigars in the Marevas format and is 42. These are rather short and slim cigars, but they don’t look small.

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