Punch Double Coronas


Punch Double Coronas is a great creation that can easily give you a wonderful experience in 1.5 hours. By many aficionados considered one of the absolute best Double Coronas on the market. Throughout the smoking, the aroma and flavors are intensified and it is usually delivered flawlessly through a good draft and a nice glow. This cigar feels very good from storage and we recommend that it is between 3-5 years before you put your teeth in it.

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The first thing you turn off when you open a box is the fantastic aroma that fills your nostrils. A bit of a signature brand for Punch Double Coronas. The cover sheet is quite rough without being bad for that matter, somehow the cover sheet fits the size of the cigar. When you light the cigar, it gives off plenty of smoke and the glow line is perfectly ok during smoking.


Double Corona








75-90 Mins