Punch Coronas


Punch cigars have been hand-made in collaboration with the Hoyo de Monterrey Manufactory since 1925 and represent medium-weight cigars. The Punch Coronas is an exception, because it stands for a very special lightness, almost airiness. With a length of 142 mm, a diameter of 16.67 mm and a ring gauge of 42, it is a corona-sized cigar and is particularly interesting for moments of enjoyment, for newcomers to the field of high-quality cigars or for carefree enjoyment by connoisseurs who values ​​a certain carefree and barely existing heaviness.

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Enjoying the Punch Coronas takes up to 45 minutes, which is a very interesting length for a cigar of these dimensions. The connoisseur perceives very fine and slightly earthy notes and those who deal particularly intensively with cigars will even feel a touch of honey here and there. But it remains with a minimal hint, with a nuance that does not extend over the entire 45 minutes. The Punch Coronas is particularly light, almost weightless and is very suitable for beginners. The light and almost filigree taste will also convince the connoisseur of soft cigars, of a wonderful smoking behavior and pleasant aromas. This cigar should not be missing in a balanced collection.










45-60 Mins