H. Upmann Epicures


H. Upmann Epicures is a machine-rolled cigar, which is a typical style of good name, almost all tobacco flavor and slight fragrance. H. Upmann Epicures tastes bitter than other famous cigars. There is a great potential for aging, the recommended period is more than two years.

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Although the H. Upmann Epicures is a Demi-Tasse, it has been changed from a mechanism to a hand-made roll since 2002, and it has been favored by cigar friends. This is a masculine cigar, with wood, leather, cream, vanilla, honey and tobacco flavor, it is the first choice for outdoor smoking cigars in winter. Smell the eggplant, you can taste the cedar wood, pepper, hay and dark chocolate. Cut off the bonnet and take a sip. The smoke smell is already quite strong, and it is worthy of being a manly cigar. In the first third, the intensity of the H. Upmann Epicures cigar has hit, and the tobacco flavor is full, which makes the old cigars quite enjoyable. The smoke is thick, and you can still smell the cream and some fruit, honey and woody smells. In the middle, the tobacco concentration is still the same, but you can taste the cream, sweetness, and spicy taste. Entering the tail section, the taste remains similar to the front section, but the strength is further strengthened, and the pepper flavor also strikes. Tasting time: 45-60 minutes.










45-60 Mins