Romeo Y Julieta Petit Corona


Romeo and Julieta Petit Corona Romeo Y Julieta Petit Corona is reminiscent of its similar products, its typical color has obvious sweetness, cedar and pure tobacco are perfectly balanced. Petit Coronas is a fairly mild cigar, which provides a good aroma and silky feel, with a little spicy flavor. After about five years of storage, this cigar felt very good after several years of storage. Given the price, this is indeed Romeo y Julieta’s real success.


Romeo Y Julieta Petit Corona has a soft creamy taste and a lot of sweetness, so it is very popular among beginners. If you are not familiar with the wonderful world of cigars, then our tip is to try Petit Coronas from Romeo y Julieta.
It is usually difficult to get a real good look on cigarillos, but here, you did succeed! The cap leaves are usually completely flawless and glow very beautifully. The aroma of lit Petit Coronas is very pleasant. The pull direction is slower, but not so, so it should be stimulated directly when smoking. The luminous effect is very good, if correction is needed, it is usually very small.

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Petit Corona








45-60 Mins