Romeo Y Julieta No.1 Tube


Romeo and Julieta (Romeo y Julieta) Romeo series (1,2,3) are all installed in the tube, so Romeo and Julieta No. 1 aluminum tube Romeo Y Julieta No.1 Tube is no exception. This is a very small stick, usually suitable for people in the north. Romeo Y Julieta No.1 Tube I don’t want to/can sit for a long time and take a sip with the same cigar. Despite the relatively small size of a cigar, it still provides a dancing effect in terms of flavor and complexity. These are not super clear flavors, but you need to take some time to find them, but the main ones are wood and nuts, as well as good sweetness.
Romeo Y Julieta No.1 Tube is installed in a tube, which is very suitable for demonstration. If you want to invent a cigar on a shelf when you go shopping, you can carry it easily. The cap leaves have a nice light brown, and almost no visible pulsation will disturb the overall impression. If there are no other attractions, they will also glow most of the time. The pull may be a little slower, but it is usually easy to adjust during snatching, which is often not easy in Cuban cigars because they tend to roll harder. The glow is good and hardly causes any manual correction.


Before lighting the cigar, you can smell the barn and some licorice and honey. After a few mouthfuls, the taste will appear, and then the toasted hazelnuts, leather and light grass color are added to give you a mild sweetness. In the middle, the taste becomes more pungent, with a clear woody taste, but slightly nutty. Sötman stayed, but backed up a bit. The smell of vanilla is also still there, albeit very cautiously in the background. Romeo Y Julieta No.1 Tube again provides obvious sweetness at the end, with a slight change in personality, and now it is more reminiscent of fruity sweetness. Leather and a touch of earth tones also have some flavor.

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45-60 Mins